The EPIC project, through support from the Institute of Education Sciences of the U.S. Department of Education, is focused on an early intervention approach that helps parents and other caregivers provide embedded learning opportunities for infants and toddlers with disabilities during everyday routines and activities.

Two distinct but complementary components of the EPIC approach include:

  1. A five-question (5Q) framework designed to guide parents and other caregivers to ask why, what, when/where/who, how will I teach, and is it working as they embed learning opportunities for their child in everyday routines.
  2. A caregiver coaching process known by the acronym S-O-O-P-R with associated practices for early intervention providers to use to support implementation of the 5Q in everyday routines.




  • Dr. Juliann Woods, Florida State University
  • Dr. Patricia Snyder, University of Florida
  • Dr. Christine Salisbury, University of Illinois-Chicago

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